The Zodiac World

Becoming the Zodiac World did not happen suddenly

The idea of learning about ourselves , others and feeling like we are under stood sneakily became a tease.

The world is changing and if you look closely, you may see it too.

We turned into a zodiac world where judging others from their time of birth is the thing to do.

When did it become about finding a partner through such means?

Thinking one person is better for us from their zodiac sign without knowing in reality if we’d be a good team.

We are slipping away from the mannerable way of living

Some may say we are coming into who we truly are as a human race but I believe we do less giving

We mostly take for ourselves , over indulging in pleasures, depressions and purpose

It’s important to understand that nothing is wrong with these things, but in my heart I know these are more to curse us.

Because they will fade away and mean nothing when we are gone

It was just a part of our new zodiac world of fun.


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