She Is I

Young as an Adult ✳️

I thought about it. It’s hard to live as a young adult in this world. You see, hear, and take in many things. Some garbage, some good. But there are many trials that you have to go through just to increase wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You feel depressed, lonely , scared and unconfident. You want … More

Finding My Way Back

Have you ever looked at someone and immediately felt a connection? Your soul connects with theirs in a subtle, gentle quick moment. As you look them into their eyes, you can see the depths of their being. You feel as if you are them and they are you. You know dominance is not of your … More

The bound man

The bound manA man who is bound by every circumstanceWhether it be on purpose or by chanceNever satisfied but constantly cravingIn his heart wanting more but what comes out is a bunch of racket  and ravingThe bound manHe never understandsThat he is bound because of what he believes is trueThere is no way outHe’s stuckThere … More


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Because we are different people

There are many different people in the world. Some make you laugh , smile and feel loved from their comments. Others make it harder to bear sharing such world. They aren’t bad people, just far from a good soul’s impressions. We can still be kind to one another, we can still get a long. There … More

The Zodiac World

Becoming the Zodiac World did not happen suddenly The idea of learning about ourselves , others and feeling like we are under stood sneakily became a tease. The world is changing and if you look closely, you may see it too. We turned into a zodiac world where judging others from their time of birth … More

It Follows

Have anyone of you ever seen the movie It Follows? The movie is basically about an STD that haunts the person that has it. Everyone in the movie constantly have sex with others to pass on the spiritual STD. I thought the movie was very stupid but it made me think about my life. I … More