She Is I

It Follows

Have anyone of you ever seen the movie It Follows? The movie is basically about an STD that haunts the person that has it. Everyone in the movie constantly have sex with others to pass on the spiritual STD. I thought the movie was very stupid but it made me think about my life. I … More

It’s time to confront

I was telling my fiance about the bad nightmares that I keep having. Its not the same scenario but the same people. And each time, I woke up feeling hurt, angry, embarrassed or down. My fiance’s response was “You need to handle that.” Huh? How? “Confront them”. So you mean to tell me that I … More

Loving life and enjoying the journey. — Purplerays

Life is a mystery; unfold it. Life is a journey; walk it. Life is a flower; smell it. Life is a gift; Open it. Life is precious; Don’t waste it. Iyanla Vanzant Text and image source: Iyanla Vanzant Loving life and enjoying the journey. — Purplerays


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If When Why

Why do we want what we do not have? If we are sad, we want to be happy. If we are in pain, we want to be painless. If we are happy, we want to feel alert also just in case… (*insert what you tell yourself to protect yourself while happy) If we are fat, … More

In Which I see..

There is a whole world out there that I am aching to see. But for right now, I overlook the trees and glance at the sun as it runs down each leaf, leaving a certain gloom when its gone. Oh how beautiful it looks, bright and white with the sky painted blue, pink, or cloudy … More

Modern Day Father

I am a father. I have no idea what the heck I am doing most of the time. I desire to be a good provider, dad, and husband but I don’t know how to be someone or something that I have never done before. I have never had a male figure in my life though … More