Young as an Adult ✳️

I thought about it. It’s hard to live as a young adult in this world. You see, hear, and take in many things. Some garbage, some good. But there are many trials that you have to go through just to increase wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You feel depressed, lonely , scared and unconfident. You want to feel the exact opposite but you’re lost in your own self. You barely know if you are coming or going. You don’t want to work as hard as you have seen your parents and grandparents work but you can’t live without money. You want to enjoy yourself but don’t know how to balance enjoyment and work. Sigh..

You wonder why.. do you have to go through so much just to be here. There are more theories out there than we can count on my hand. What to even believe? You learn so much but can’t comprehend what you have really achieved. And this is why I grieve. Because you want so much from life and to have freedom to be who you would like but can’t get away from your surroundings to really find which you search within your heart.

Young adults are envied by elders because they believe you all have so good. But the confusion, agony, guilt, pressure, desire that you have within you aren’t seen. You are more and more agonized. You are lucky to have one good friend who will not push and pull you in different directions. You aren’t too sure of anything so there is always a second guessing, talk down to, voice inside of your head. You run with the wrong crowd only because you are looking for you and a place to belong outside of you. Really, you feel homeless though you have a roof over your head. What’s to envy about that?

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