The bound man

The bound man
A man who is bound by every circumstance
Whether it be on purpose or by chance
Never satisfied but constantly craving
In his heart wanting more but what comes out is a bunch of racket  and raving
The bound man
He never understands
That he is bound because of what he believes is true
There is no way out
He’s stuck
There is nothing left for him here to do
There is no purpose
No reasoning for being around
Battling mentally between soul and mind
But out of his lips there is no sound
The bound man
Is there any chance
That you can know your worth
That you are priceless, more than any gold , silver or currency in this earth
That the story you tell yourself
Does not have to be true
That life isn’t just happening
But you are apart of it too.
The bound man
Satisfy your craving by finding something in this world while you’re here
To love you, to give you hope and a future
To help you push through those dark moments and fears
It may seem impossible from where you are
And  from where you stand
But nothing is impossible
Take bound away and you are a man. A great man.

Sketch by Anton Van Zijl


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