If When Why

Why do we want what we do not have?

If we are sad, we want to be happy.

If we are in pain, we want to be painless.

If we are happy, we want to feel alert also just in case… (*insert what you tell yourself to protect yourself while happy)

If we are fat, we want to be smaller

If we are not a celebrity, well.. hey.. why not get butt & lip injections like one.

Sidenote: why do you think celebrities get these things done to their body? because they, too, are not satisfied with themself.

If we are having trouble in a relationship, we want someone who will not give us trouble.

If we have a dog, we want a cat just because they may be less messier.

If we have no money, we want money.

When are we truly content? In a state of peaceful happiness.

When will our ache and hunger for more, soothe?

Why do we find it hard to accept what we are in this very moment and accept that in which we do not have?

Is this what we were made to be or something that is continuously learned?

1 Comment

  1. Haha! I’ve thought about this over and over.
    In my conclusion, that’s just how we were created. The creator’s way of making us want to live the next day in search of what we’re missing today.

    We believe that the things we yearn for exist and it’s attainable😊


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