What will you follow?

There is a darkness that constantly swirls around

Swooshing and waving to its victim

leaving them breathless and weak.

Where is the light in this living nightmare?

There is a voice that overshadows everything within the darkness.

Is this the valley that was spoken of in the Bible?

Is that you, God?

There is light at the end of darkness.

Can it be reached by walking, flying, teleportation maybe?

The misconception of the light being holy, pure, and good is seen

It really has no definition or meaning

It just is as the darkness is.

They both can feel warm, cozy and comfortable.

They both can be used to guide.

The only difference is ..the one that you follow.


  1. This is some deep shit. I also have cone to the same conclusion about light and dark both just are and is equally necessary to have one u must have the other and learn to except our darkness and embrace it this is a thing its called shadow work u should look into it

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