She is I

She is a writer

She is confident

She is at peace

She flows through the world and the world flows through her

There is light inside of her

She is loved and loves

She is quiet, and observant

Other people’s stories and life events inspire her to write her own

She loves nature: the breeze of the wind, the sunset & rise, the ocean’s waves, the birds chirping)

The stresses of life are not present in her thoughts

She walks with pep in her step

She likes to eat healthy and workout

She does not need to know every detail; she just KNOW that she knows

She is a fairytale of her own waiting to be told

She is very imaginable

She loves to learn and grow

There is this aura around her that makes other’s comfortable.

She is beautiful

Her heart is no longer heavy

She can laugh freely

She is herself unapologetically

She is internally happy

I want her

Suppose I look like her

I am her

But how do I get to her?

To her inside that matches her out.

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