How to Move Mountains

Lately, my mind has been wandering and which in turn,

has let fear inside of my heart. I read a passage from my devotional called

“From God’s Word to A Woman’s Heart”, and it spoke about moving mountains.

Fear right now is my mountain. Fearful of the future. Fearful of the outcome of job hunting.

Fearful of not being my best self. So how do I move such a strong mountain?

The passage said to literally speak to it and tell it to GO. This morning, I sat down and spoke

to my mountain. It was invigorating to be able to take control again. I felt estatic telling Fear

that it no longer has a place inside my thoughts nor my heart. I am sure many of you have

a mountain. Maybe it is not Fear but it is a heart break from a relationship, passing of a loved one,

losing a job or just trying to provide for your family though you feel weary.

My advice to you is acknowledge that you feel this way, be in the moment of sympathy

for yourself and then move from that mountain at your own pace. You are strong. You

are good enough. You lack nothing. You are powerful. You are a beautiful being. You will win!

Things will always work out for your good. I love you. Have a great day!

With Love, Ash.


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