Self Love

What does self love mean to you?

For me, self love is the act to and for yourself.

Self love can act out in different ways for different people.

Eating healthier, exercising, mirror affirmations, internally speaking more gently to yourself, going for a career that you have been putting off, or just simply sticking up for yourself… and boy is the last one a long time coming for a lot of us!

Loving yourself is putting what feels good to you and your body first.

Now why is this so important?

Because it all begins with yourself. You will not be able to share compassion for another human being if you can not do it with yourself first.

You will not be able to fall deeply in love with someone in a healthy manner if you can not fall in love with you first.

Not in a conceited way, but in a way that you love who you are when you look into the mirror.

Self love is an ongoing process. It can never be fully achieved.

Just when we may think we have achieved it completely, life throws something our way.

That’s okay though. Keep practicing.

And as always, I love you for who you are right now.

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